Jim & Kathleen Poor
P.O. Box 39, Tuscola TX 79562
2539 County Road 131, Tuscola, TX 79562
(325) 554-7552 (Shop)

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Welcome to Flatland Forge. We specialize in premium forging tools for the horseshoeing and blacksmithing trade. This web site is designed to provide information about us and our tools. To receive a quote or to inquire about a dealership, please contact us by E-mail or telephone.

Flatland Forge is owned and operated by Jim & Kathleen Poor. They continue to provide the farrier and blacksmithing industry with quality tools. They also have a small farrier business and shoe 5 to 15 horses per week at the shop by appointment only. Together Jim and Kathleen give many clinic's through out the year at farrier supply store's, plus for groups of interested farrier's who want to learn more about making their own tools and forging horseshoes for competition's. Keep an eye out on the "what's new" page of this web site for date's of up coming clinic's held at the shop.